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Critical Illness Insurance Quotes are Easy!

Critical illness insurance is a type of coverage that provides payments to policyholders who are diagnosed with serious medical conditions, such as cancer and heart diseases. Critical illness insurance coverage has become more popular in recent years, because more and more Americans have come to realize that basic health insurance policies may not be enough to cover medical bills and other related expenses, when a serious medical condition happens in the family.

These insurance policies, sometimes called critical care plans, have been around for decades, enjoying widespread popularity in Europe and Canada. There are also many  companies, carriers and providers now in the U.S. market.

Which one is right for you? Obtaining competing quotes is one of the best ways to determine which provider is right for you.

You have to know that a critical illness insurance policy would not specifically pay for any expense that is related to the sickness. Instead, you would get a lump sum of the amount of your insurance policy, and then you are left to decide what to do with the money. You may use it to pay for therapy sessions, to pay for mortgage or other debts, or simply to pay for a vacation package.

However, before you are able to get the money, you will have to provide the insurance company with proof that you are indeed facing a serious medical condition covered by the policy. Moreover, when you give the diagnosis to your insurance company, you may be given a waiting period, starting the day you give them your diagnosis. During this time, you would not be given payment for any new claim you may file.

As you consider critical illness insurance quotes, you also have to conduct research on the companies and plans available. You have to be able to determine which insurance companies are reputable, and which ones would work best for you.

Quotes usually include policies which may last for two years to as long as 25 years. Remember that your age will matter to your insurance policy underwriting. If you are above 65 years old, it is very unlikely that you would be sold a standard critical illness insurance policy. However, between Medicare and Medigap, you may actually have better option. Until you are 65, a critical illness policy can provide important supplements to your standard health insurance plan. As well some policies you can keep available for life. Carriers and plans vary so if it is important to find out while your in your sixties make that part of the questions when choosing a plan.

Critical Illness Insurance Quotes  depend on Many Factors

Critical illness insurance quotes may also depend on different factors such as your age, weight, height, family health history, smoking habits and other present medical conditions which may worsen in the future. Dont wait til it is too late…get covered today to protect for tomorrow as well as locking in your rates, and , later when need it “tire kickers” will be too late too cover you if something is diagnosed making it difficult to go through underwriting.

Typically, a quote would start as little as $8 for a person who is in his early 20s and is healthy for close to $100,000 of coverage. If you are already in your 40s, your premiums may be around $40 a month. But the potential benefits could greatly outweigh the costs.

Finding the right insurance plans to help your family handle medical emergencies and prepare for the future can be difficult and confusing. The good news is that you’re not alone. At Critical Illness Policies, we can help you explore your best options and tailor a plan to meet your needs. Call us now at 1-561-210-5822 and speak to our experienced and helpful agents to get the answers you deserve.