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Protects for Life

It’s always a good idea to have a life insurance policy as it’s designed to take care of your family and love ones after you’re gone. However life insurance can be improved with a critical illness policy as it will help pay the bills while you’re living.

A critical illness policy can be very important these days as more and more people are living longer and surviving major health-related problems. However, they still need to pay their medical bills and usually the rehabilitation costs. The chances of surviving a critical illness are now actually greater than those of dying from it.

Recovering from an illness is often an expensive and lengthy venture though as you may lose your income and have to cover the costs of treatment. While you may have disability insurance or some type of coverage through your employer you may not have enough coverage to cover all the costs.

A critical illness policy can help fill the void that other policies leave. Most of the policies will pay a lump sum when you’re diagnosed with a critical illness and this can be used to help pay the bills and relieve the stress placed on your family. The money is paid when you’re diagnosed so it helps immediately, not after you die, like with life insurance.

If dont already have a policy stop procrastinating you may not always be able to qualify, plus the earlier you get the policy the cheaper it costs nearly for the rest of your life! Get a quote now, but don’t just get a quote -get a policy. A quote wont cover you an application can!

To be disabled to receive the benefits is if false completely and neither do you need to be employed. The payments are non taxable and can be spent any way you see fit. This means you could use it to buy a wheelchair, or modify your vehicle, pay for babysitters, or maids, etc. You can also collect benefits even if you have a disability policy as they’re two separate things and both policies will be in effect.

Some of the critical illnesses that are usually covered include heart attacks, kidney failure, strokes, paralysis, loss of limbs, sight, hearing and speech, organ transplants, cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart surgeries.  Most policies will cover a minimum of about a dozen different conditions.

A critical illness policy is seen by many people to be a perfect plan to accompany life insurance as it allows you to prepare for the future while still living. There are various types of policies available with different coverage and premium costs. It’s a good idea to review a few of them before choosing one.