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Humana Cash Cancer

Humana Cash Cancer Insurance different from a traditional major medical insurance?

Health insurance pays or reimburses the insured, or physician, or hospital, for covered medical services, procedures, medical goods, some treatment and most prescription drugs. The Cash Cancer Plan pays an immediate one-time, lump-sum payment directly to the insured upon initial diagnosis of a covered cancer. The cancer insurance policy benefit can be used for any purpose such as covering deductibles, co-insurance,clinical trials or experimental treatments, home health care, loss of income, covering expenses while recuperating, mortgage etc.

What happens if I lose my Cash cancer plan from work I am no longer employed with?

You can get it as an individual/ family or Group. Enrollment isn’t dependent on current or future employment. You can get a individual cancer insurance as long as still eligible. As long as you pay your premiums on time, coverage will continue until you have a claim. Contact us by calling 1-210-5822.

How is the benefit paid?

When first diagnosed with invasive cancer or malignant melanoma, you submit a claim form with the required diagnosis information. Once we receive all required information, we issue a check to you the insured or your designed typically as quick as within a week. This check is a one time only, upfront lump sum payment. The benefit can be used for any purpose.

What types of cancer are not covered?

This cancer insurance policy only pays benefits for a first diagnosis of cancer in an internal organ. Such as perhaps, breast cancer, lung, or liver, kidney etc. The only skin cancer covered, is malignant melanoma the most severe of skin cancers. All other skin cancers aren’t covered.

I’ve had cancer in the past…can I still get Cash Cancer Insurance coverage?

You won’t qualify for coverage with Humana or most Cancer Insurance if you’ve ever been medically diagnosed or been treated by a doctor for the following;

Internal cancer,



Hodgkin’s disease,

Malignant growth,

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), AIDS Related Complex, or tested positive for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). You Do qualify for a Guarantee Issue critical illness policy though or if have been clear for more than 2 years with a couple of specialty branded insurance carriers by Critical illness or Check to see first.

Are benefits coordinated with other insurance, if any?

No, not in this case. It acts like an indemnity and helps to make you whole again as the definition is derived. It pays directly to you the insured not the carrier of any other insurance carrier, or provider. Therefore, it pays in addition to whatever your health insurance would pay and picks up where they may leave off.

Do benefit amounts differ for family members?

No. Cash Cancer insurance plans provides the full benefits for all covered family members. Whereas some carriers pay full 100% to the primary while the dependents are merely a percentage of the face amount.

Will my premiums increase a a year or so?

Generally premiums are designed to be level throughout the life of the cancer insurance policy. Premiums would increase only if the premiums for all policies in that particular state are increased, and, therefore not singled out,and, again would have to be uniform for everyone across the board.

What are the amounts of coverage?

You can get coverage starting at $10,000 on up to $50,000 at increments of $5,000 or $10,000 in between. There is no custom amount like a select few carriers may have.

How long is underwriting?

Although simplified and not full underwriting if everything is good it could take a week. If however further research is needed it could take longer but 3 weeks would be considered average and if done earlier…all the better.