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Why get Cancer Insurance?

Why Get Cancer Insurance?

A lot of people have misconceptions about getting cancer insurance, and they are unable to see the advantages of having one. Here are some of the most common reasons why they do not get cancer insurance, and why they are wrong.

People think that getting cancer insurance is not necessary. They are already confident that their existing health insurance coverage is enough to pay the majority of the expenses. What they’re not aware of is that even though their insurance covers majority of the medical expenses, it doesn’t cover everything. Depending on your health insurance plan, cancer treatment will rack up a great deal of out-of-pocket expenses from deductibles, copayment charges and coinsurance requirements.

In addition, the loss of income due to various surgeries and treatment will not be properly covered by most health insurance plans. If it is the primary earner who is struck with cancer, that loss of income will be even more devastating. But even if it’s not the primary breadwinner who is diagnosed with cancer, that income producer may still see a drop in revenue from having to take time off from work.

Having cancer insurance helps makes sure that the money will still keep coming in and the insured person can concentrate on improving his or her health without having to worry about money.

Most people also think that they won’t get cancer. It’s true that the majority of Americans will never get cancer. But many do. According to statistics, half of the male population will get cancer in their lifetime, while one third of the female population is likely to get diagnosed with cancer.

Consider your own family history. Do you have any aunts, uncles and cousins who have been diagnosed with cancer? Worse yet, have any of your parents or grand-parents been diagnosed? If the answer is yes, your chances of getting cancer just increased dramatically compared to the rest of the population.

Many find cancer insurance to be too expensive. The people who believe that this is true are those that have not really seen the true value of cancer insurance. There are also many options today for cancer insurance coverage. For the daily equivalent of a cup of premium coffee, you may be able to provide cancer insurance for your entire family.

Another reason why people pass on getting cancer insurance is that they smoke, and believe that they won’t qualify for any cancer insurance. The truth is that many cancer polices don’t check if you’re a smoker or not. This is because there are just too many things that can cause cancer aside from smoking, so most policies only inquire about any previous or ongoing medical treatments.

People that previously had cancer in one form or another also think that they are no longer qualified for getting cancer insurance. This does not automatically mean that you are no longer qualified to get cancer insurance. There are cancer policies for people with previous histories of having cancer provided that the cancer has been in remission and is untreated for about five years. Carriers already consider these people as qualified and can be insured with no problem.

You can think of a lot of excuses not to get cancer insurance, but the truth is everybody has to think about how a cancer policy could help them in the future.

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