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About is a web based portal that support the need and demand for critical illness insurance information in the United States. Critical illness insurance information is available on various information sources and resources, as well as proprietary. This was out of the need to educate a consumer on the ways to which you can research critical illness companies or the carriers as well as the plans that are offered.

Our resource center also provides public and private information to agents as well as assistance in getting the proper coverage for you client(s). By having transmission of frequently asked questions, blog, expert advice and such provides the masses with the sudden need more than ever for the best critical illness options available. This sudden rise stemmed with the inaugural launching of health care reform. As prices of premiums continue to raise so do the deductibles to offset the higher premium and clearing room for an immediate need to fill the financial void of where health insurance in the traditional way leaves off.

To assist your clients,  if you are an agent, broker, agency or a work site group benefits manager / coordinator, please feel free to contact us or for appointment under this resource parent. If you are a consumer looking for information, suggestions or consulting you can find it all here, or contact us directly.