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Group Voluntary Supplemental

Humana Group Voluntary Supplemental

Humana, a leader in group health and individual health care benefits, has now focused their attention and launched the pilot program of the individual supplemental critical illness insurance only a few short months ago. However…

Group or  business voluntary benefits, as it is called, has been established a while and is a force in the industry and a premier choice for employers to offer their employees. it has a easy setup,and cost factor is often less than a dollar a day and can come right out of the check of the employees. That’s right… disability insurance and group critical illness insurance, accident insurance so that deductibles dont have to be satisfied that can not be afforded,and cancer insurance a lump some payment to help with expenses that the group health insurance through the employer doesn’t cover, and best of all

Humana Supplemental Benefits

At No cost to Employers

You may already have health insurance but what of the benefits that are voluntary for employees to get that health insurance does not cover. Fact: Over 350,000 bankruptcies alone occur and most all are due to medical.

Don’t take my word for it nor Humana but you owe it to yourself to get the information and get your employer to ffer this invaluable coverage.

Contact us to set an appointment for Humana licensed agent to explain the benefits and get quotes today with no cost to the employer you cant afford not to offer it!