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Benefits Outline

Humana Critical Illness Insurance Benefits

Humana has a great critical illness insurance policy. Here you will find the coverage or explanation of  summary benefits. This may vary so please inquire to make certain your state is in line with this outline seen and described below. All are 100% benefit unless stated otherwise.

Humana Critical Illness Insurance Summary of Benefits


Heart attack
Heart transplant as a result of heart failure Stroke Coronary artery bypass surgery (25% benefit)


First diagnosis of invasive cancer or malignant melanoma
Carcinoma In-situ (25% benefit)


Major organ transplant, other than heart
End-stage renal failure
Loss of sight
Loss of speech
Coma (excluding vascular and cancer conditions)
Permanent paralysis due to an accident

Humana critical illness coverage is available for individual as well as group. Plans are available for most states and are available in both forms as critical illness insurance with the benefits listed below or cancer only lump sum. Prices do not vary much and can be made available with state approved brochure.

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