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Critical Illness Insurance Worth it?

Why get Get Critical Illness Insurance

TIP: Make certain to get a Critical policy separate from your health insurance!

  • Automobile Car or transportation payments.
  • Cover medical expenses such as deductibles and coinsurance of health insurance.
  • Hire a nanny for your kids, a housekeeper to maintain your home, a home health nurse for you, a nutritionist and more.
  • Take a relaxing vacation with loved ones in a worse case scenario.
  • Maintain household bills, utilities food and everyday expenses.
  • Clinical trials or experimental treatments that insurance may not  pay for that could save your life!
  • Mortgage / Rent payments to maintain your asset and avoid moving.
  • Income protection or income replacement while your recuperating and off work for months.
  • Financially maintain your business for without may not be there when you’re better.
  • Protect your retirement savings or losing your assets  and claiming bankruptcies (over 300,000 due to medical a year)
  • Offer an affordable solution to employees concerned about critical illness (cancer, heart attack, stroke etc.).
  • Save money on your health insurance premiums by raising your deductible and offsetting the cost with an accident and critical illness insurance policy.

Unfortunately, most people in the U.S. unfamiliar that such a policy existed til health care Reform talks, or, only tend to look for critical illness cover after they had been for a test or cancer screening of some sort for prevention. The preventative testing is good the idea of getting something after the testing because it was necessary since you found a lump, is not preventive. They may find a lump and go to the doctor and by that time it is too late for covering something that is being tested for right now. Now people are getting smart and running for a policy. Hesitating or Procrastinating is the single biggest reason why people find themselves in debt medically. If you cover your car just because it is law to do so, then you may have delayed  otherwise or never gotten coverage and then find yourself sued and in a negative state. For the cost of that cup of  coffee each day have peace of mind. If your concerns are Cancer, Heart attack, Stroke, Kidney failure and such contact 1-561-210-5822 or use our free quoting above to obtain quotes.

How a Policy Helps Your Family Survive

A Critical illness policies will pay you lump sum benefit when you are diagnosed with a covered condition. The lump sum your critical illness policy pays you will help you cover your financial responsibilities, such as house mortgage or rent, bills, home health care, clinical trials that may save your life that health policies wont pay for  experimental treatments, as well as your deductible or coinsurance or any other added expenses not covered by health insurance that can financially wipe out what you’ve worked so hard for or worse yet, don’t have to begin with! It can also replace income while not working. A disability policy more often wont fill that need as much as a lump sum policy could.

More importantly, such freedom allows you to focus on recovering from your illness. Our benefits let you to stop worrying about how you will survive financially.

Overcoming the Limits of Traditional Health Plans

Typical health insurance policies are valuable but they do limit you. Many people today find themselves unable to meet their financial obligations due to medical expenses that traditional policies do not cover like CI cover. This particular supplemental insurance is an excellent addition to traditional health insurance. You can determine your need for amount by looking at what you can pay for with it that you would not be able to pay for with traditional health insurance.

Critical policies will pay you out a lump sum amount when you are diagnosed with a illness or condition covered by your policy. If ever diagnosed, you can spend the lump sum cash benefit you’d receive  from  your policy any way you would like.

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