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Critical Illness Statistics

More People are Surviving Critical Illnesses…

Yet people are diagnosed and/or Dying more than ever?

Confusing? The numbers are higher those being diagnosed with cancer is certain. It is within reasonable and conceivable thinking that there are more people dying with cancer than prior, or, chances of that occurring are due to the sheer numbers. With more diagnosed however there are more people living with, or rather surviving cancer as well (good news) and mostly due to medical advancements. Therefore the outcome is more bankruptcies or loss of assets (bad news).

Do you know someone who survived cancer, a heart attack or other critical illnesses? You’re not alone. But did you see how it affected their finances? How did the financial stress affect their recovery — and their family? Survival rates have increased over the years after suffering a critical illness. Will your family survive the financial burden if you were to be diagnosed with a critical illness? Do you have enough money saved up to get your family through your recovery?

Consider this Fact: More than 60% of all bankruptcies are directly tied to medical conditions such as  critical illnesses, and most of these individuals were already covered by traditional health insurance…in the neighborhood of around 80%.

Critical Illness Statistics

  • Nearly 3,000,000 critical illness diagnosed cases per year.
  • Nearly 50 million people are with out health insurance all together.
  • Average policy approximately $40 a month premium
  • Highest critical claims made are cancer.

Cancer associations claim majority of expenses are non medical that health insurance does not cover-percentage nearly 70 percent non medical.Want the complete cancer statistics? This one page fact sheet is easy to follow.

Features and Benefits of Critical Illness Plans

Critical illness insurance goes beyond your traditional health policy to give you more security:

  • Premiums can stay the same with credible carriers for period of time such as 10 yrs or more
  • Once policy is in effect, it is usually guaranteed renewable.
  • The unused portion of some critical illness insurance policies can become your life insurance, providing a lump sum amount to your family upon death or perhaps a return of premium  rider(ROP) available to refund premiums after a term such as 20 years resulting in free coverage without a risk but you do pay extra for that. If you know you do not keep policies normally in force for that long, you may think twice about the extra cost factor.
  • Feel Independence not having to depend on others to take care of you.

The bottom line is that the time to consider and acquire a critical illness insurance policy is now. So if your thinking about holding off in anyway, tire kicking, just curious… stop procrastinating! Prices go up if not locked in, it may be to late later, and chances are you will forget or flat out not get it and use it on something else ,then, looking back in hind sight… well we all experienced that lets not risk ourselves and family members with financial devastation.

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