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CBL Underwriting Guidelines

Eligibility underwriting guidelines:

Colorado Bankers Life critical illness insurance

For your reference, these are some of the small and common problems that could cause your application to be held up or delayed, or possibly declined by underwriting. Please refer to each for condition circumstance.


A history of asthma with steroid usage within a year is a decline by some carriers. In addition, any history of Asthma/COPD and the applicant is a smoker will also be declined. Certain conditions if minor can be acceptable, specific to CBL would be declinable. Check with the resource center for assistance.

Blood Pressure:

Histories of Hypertension (high blood pressure) and/or Hyperlipidemia (elevated cholesterol or triglycerides) are acceptable if controlled with one medication (for each) for at least one year. You need to provide us with the date of diagnosis or duration. If there is no duration or date of diagnoses listed on the application, CBL will request more information i.e. a letter/questionnaire, APS, or both. If multiple medications are prescribed to control Hypertension and/or Hyperlipidemia, we will order an APS (medical records). This is done automatically for face amounts of $20,000 for nonsmokers and $15,000 for smokers


Depressions either situational, stress related, or anxiety attacks are all acceptable if controlled with medications or counseling. Only major depression such as manic depression (bipolar disorder) will require an APS to verify if hospitalization was required or if there is a history of multiple episodes.


Applications can be submitted for non-insulin or diet-controlled diabetes if the applicant is over 55 and has no other health impairments including height & weight, smoking or the dreaded high blood pressure or high cholesterol which is almost always coupled along with diabetics.  CBL will order an APS (attending physicians statement) to verify control. If CBL approves the policy, the entire file will then go to the reinsure (OptimumRe) for their final approval.

Other conditions:

Any literal open heart surgeries will be an automatic decline pace maker, Heart stents, Bypass etc.

Family History:

The relevant critical illness application question is regarding family history for underwriting. This information is required for a first-degree relative i.e. father, mother, sisters, or brothers, and should be answered for the number nine (9) medical question only. Answering yes regarding family history on any of the other medical question could cause the policy to have an amendment. If the applicant is applying for family coverage, i.e. dependents such as spouse or children, then all medical questions pertaining to their respective health impairment or issues should be answered accordingly. Immediate family member having a condition diagnosed prior to age 60 -65 is usually the query and answering yes is not a decline by itself.

Annual Salary requirements:

Face amounts cannot exceed more than 5xs the applicant’s annual salary. If the annual salary is $20,000 the face amount cannot exceed $100,000. For face amounts over $100,000, the annual salary is required on the application. If the requested face amount is over $50,000, for the non-working insured we will need the working spouse’s annual salary. Both of these requirements are waived if the minimum modal premium of $5 per week or $20 per month is requested.

Body mass index (BMI)

Here, underwriting is extremely lenient should you be a several pounds overweight. This is a concern typically since obesity is now one of the highest voluntary diseases of preventable death today. Traditionally they are risk for the main critical illnesses that this plan is designed to protect against financially. Contact the resource center if have a question regarding. The underwriting can be overlooked in a more positive light if one of the only issues.

Alterations to the application:

Since the application is a legal contract to apply for life insurance, the applicant must initial all changes that are material. If there are three (3) alterations or more, a new application will be required. If the number two (2) medical question regarding HIV/Aids is not answered or altered this cannot be initialed a new signed and dated application is required.
Please remember that this is an abbreviated form of the underwriting rules and that a combination of any of the medical conditions listed above or other impairments including height and weight could cause an APS or possibly a declination. Please try to obtain and record as much details regarding impairments on the application. Always do your best in applying to supply the name, address, or phone of the personal medical doctors. If the applicant has not seen a doctor for many years or at all, write the word “None”.

As always, Underwriting will be available to help you or to answer any questions regarding specific conditions or impairments. Feel free to contact the Resource Center by submitting a quote request or ‘contact us’ page.