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Critical Illness Health Insurance Benefits

Critical Illness Health Insurance Benefits

Disability insurance alone wont replace income. Often times, you have to wait a period of time passing before collecting and by then it may be to late. Remember time is not on your side and you don’t want to stress yourself or burden any loved ones more than when you were diagnosed.  In addition, DI alone may not pay out in advance or a lump sum when you need it most. Finally, disability insurance pays only a portion of your lost income (typically 60%). With more medical bills and a pay cut, disability alone would not be an answer. You may be able to get a CI/DI policy so inquire.

In addition, concerns of how will you pay your day to day usual expenses if you’re unable to work. Bills continue to pour in, but in order to survive, you’ll have to cut back.  Once you have cut back all you can, do not forget about non-medical expenses you’re now incurring.   After diagnosis of  this serious illness or dread disease you did not have prior, now you are recuperating and unemployed causing you to lose your income, or …your business. This is one of the bigger fears.

Don’t wait till its too late. While there are many kinds of supplemental health insurance, we, in the United States need to evaluate …Our plans.  “Our Plans” represent the plans we make, NOT only the insurance plans we should have already had in place.  Stats are time tested so, if you think it cant happen to you, think again.

Nearly 3 million new cases of critical illness like cancer, heart diseases and strokes occur at all ages. Over 60% of bankruptcies due to medical or critical illnesses… close to 80% had major medical. Bankruptcy amount therefore was only around $15,000 dollars that was directly related to that.

Will you and your family be able to survive?

You can with a critical illness plan, the perfect supplemental plan to standard health insurance. Or, if cant afford any health coverage, you simply can not afford to go without an illness policy and/or cancer insurance. You should know these types of policies do include cancer while cancer alone ONLY covers cancer. And with 600,000 critical illness policies written so far in the United States here’s what you can expect with a typical CI insurance:

  • Lump sum payment when you are diagnosed with a covered illness.
  • Payments to you with no restrictions on how you use the funds.
  • You can qualify even if you’ve been previously treated with a guaranteed issue. If however you have been diagnosed years ago, then perhaps a regular policy.
  • Coverage is for Cancer, heart attack and stroke and may include paralysis, major burns, loss of limbs, loss of independent living, coma, blindness, etc. It may also be on a Life policy or not depending on plans, states, carriers, or come with disability coverage…leave it up to the experts. Contact the resource center for free consultation advice or even free quote assistance without insurance agency fees.

This type of coverage has been common place throughout Canada and the UK and Western Europe for decades as well as Australia and most of the world, because universal health does not and cannot cover everything. More and more Americans are now discovering the value of critical illness insurance. For further assistance the Resource Center is available to provide information on protection of varying types with comparisons to critical illness insurance companies that will cover you best in your geographical area.