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Should I buy Critical Illness Coverage

Why Should You Buy Critical Illness Insurance coverage?

Before answering this question, here are a few important questions you should ask yourself:

·         Do you have health insurance? If so, can you cover the deductible limits and/or co-insurance in the case of an accident or any health problem that results in critical care?

·         Do you have disability income insurance? If so, how much of your regular income will it cover? How long will you have to wait to receive a pay out? With more bills will it be enough?

·         Do you have any savings? If so, is there enough savings to cover the above and cover any other costs you may incur from the illness and from daily life in the case of such an event? Do I wish to exhaust the retirement or savings I have, if I do have savings?

·         If you are like many, you may have little to none of the above. Would your family or friends be able to help you? If so, how much could they afford and how long would they be able to help?

Every day you face many issues personally and globally. You are struggling with a slow economy, work hard for inadequate wages, pay monthly bills, and have many daily necessities you must find a way to afford. There’s plenty of ‘financial stressors’ in your life. On the way to work one morning, a truck runs a red light and hits you. You are now in the ICU unable to work for an indefinite amount of time. How much financial, physical, and emotional stress would you have then?

The figures for a standard stay at the ICU can be astronomical. Just for the room alone, you may be charged $900 on the low side $4000 on the higher side. Then you have the cost of each drug, needle, tube, vent, food, and any other necessities to add to the equation. The costs quickly add up. Physically, you may have to undergo surgery, recovery, and physical therapy. Your emotions are running hot as you are filled with fear about your recovery, your bills, and your family. All of the stress can create feelings of anxiety and depression, causing your recovery to be slow. You may fall behind on bills, you may not be able to work for quite a long time, and the necessary medical care may not be covered. What can you do to prevent these circumstances?

Since you cannot prevent every accident or health problem, the only answer left is to prepare for these events. That is where critical illness insurance coverage comes in to play. In the case of a critical illness, a lump sum is paid to you upon diagnosis. There is no waiting period and no restrictions on how it can be used. You can cover all medical bills including the costs of deductibles and co-insurance, pay all your monthly bills, and provide you and your family with everything they need every day. This form of coverage is so versatile that you can actually use it to go on vacation! You can actually enjoy your recovery, or go to a place that can provide top notch care without worry to the bill and how the health insurance wont pay for it. Could you imagine that?!

Now, that you know how imperative it is to have critical illness insurance, determining how much coverage you need is the next step. That is simple, too. Just answer the questions listed above and you have a good idea how much coverage you will need. So, take the final step. Insure yourself, ensure that you are protected, and invest in yourself and your family today! You can rest easier knowing that you have secured financial stability and full medical care in your time of need.

CII or critical illness coverage starts at only $20 a month. Who knew you could buy peace of mind for so little?