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Conseco Washington National

Washington National Insurance Company (WNIC) has been helping clients protect themselves from financial strains associated with death, accidents and critical illness. Clients can rely on Washington National Insurance Company to help assist themselves and their families for financial security.

Conseco Health Insurance Company and Conseco Insurance will be merging to one entity. This will not affect ANY policy holders. Conseco will be joining with Washington Mutual to be one insurance Organization. Washington National was recently received regulatory approval to re-domesticate to the state of Indiana to move forward in the completion of this merger. Washington National expects the merger to be accepted by all states and territories by October 2011. Until the merger is complete, all Conseco policies will continue to have the Conseco logo and will continue to be underwritten by the the original underwriter. When the merger is complete policies will be marketed with the name Washington National Insurance Company (WNIC).

Whenever a company merges, AM Best withdraws their company rating from all but the main company which in this scenario is Washington National. The AM Best rating for Washington National now reflects Conseco Health Insurance Company as well as Conseco Insurance Company. When checking AM Best ratings there will no longer be any rating for Conseco, it will be under Washington National. The ratings for Washington National have been unaffected by the merger and stand at B.