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Lower your health insurance premiums by adding this supplemental health insurance

“If you have a heart attack and your financial health is affected, your doctor cannot cure your financial problem. I am not a life insurance agent, I am a doctor. I tell my patients that I will take care of them physically, but Critical Illness Policies is a net to help them when they need financial assistance.” Dr Marius Barnard-Assisted in the first successful human to human heart transplant / Founder of Critical illness insurance.

Problem: Health insurance rates will continue to skyrocket in wake of new Health Care Reform; insureds fear raising to high deductibles causes a new concern to justify lowering premiums.

Solution: Critical illness insurance or critical care insurance is the affordable solution to high cost or high deductible Health insurance.

Fact: Did you know…more often than not, you can actually save money on your health insurance premiums and get more coverage by getting a separate critical illness policy!

Health Insurance may treat your illness, but Critical Illness Insurance and Supplemental Health Insurance products help you and your family survive it. Health insurance does not cover everything. In fact, the MAJORITY of all personal bankruptcies today were due to medical, and most of those individuals (whopping 78%) had traditional major medical health insurance plans in place.

Health conditions are cause of over 60% of all Bankruptcies

Cancer insurance is often confused as Critical illness insurance. They are close in premiums, however Cancer insurance cover less than critical illness plans which include cancer and many other conditions. If you are diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer, heart attack or stroke or some other covered critical illness, you can expect your uncovered or out-of-pocket medical expenses to quickly pile up.

  • High Deductible on Health Insurance ($5,000-$10,000)
  • Home Health care Nurses or assistants
  • Co-insurance (the 20% of that 80/20)
  • Top Cardiology or Cancer Clinics that may not be covered
  • Clinical trials and non-covered experimental treatments that often produce desirable outcome

TIP: Use the only anonymous 20 second quoter.

Partial list critical illness insurance benefits can be used:

  • Replacing loss of income (3/6/12 months to recuperate)
  • Car/auto payments
  • Mortgage/rent
  • Insurance premiumscritical illness insurance helps pay medical bills
  • Groceries and essentials
  • Housekeeping or childcare expenses
  • Utilities such as Electric/Gas
  • Credit card payments
  • Funding College education(continuing)
  • Home and auto modifications
  • Keep your business going in your absence
  • Maintaining your family’s everyday quality of life
  • Lost income of  spouse (often wishing to be by ones side)
  • Protecting any savings, retirement funds, preventing loss of assets or bankruptcy


  • Nearly 20% of all Americans will suffer a critical medical illness before age 65.
  • Approximately 3 million (3,000,000) cases are diagnosed a year.
  • As a result this is what causes more than 60% of all bankruptcies today and 78% actually had health insurance. This could have been avoided with a Critical illness policy.
  • Average bankruptcy amount for medical bankruptcy filing was under $15,000.

TIP: ALWAYS get critical illness insurance policy SEPARATE from your  major medical.

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