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Critical illness insurance in U.K.

Critical Illness Insurance U.K.

Critical illness Insurance in the U.K. is often called Critical illness cover and has been around for many years. True that you are more likely to get diagnosed from a critical illness and survive than many years past. In fact it is so widely accepted in the United Kingdom that more people there have this insurance more than they do life insurance. Many people today are now living longer lives and due to life expectancy increasing and modern day technological advancements, it is expected we will live and survive our critical illnesses…but will we survive financially? The thought that it is better to be prepared is best.

Coverage in the UK

Strokes, Heart Attack, Cancer, MS, Blindness, Coma, internal organ conditions like kidney, and many more critical illnesses equals harsh reality. More and more cases being diagnosed every year and its financial devastation without being covered hurts more than the treatment. The financial reality strikes you when health insurance does not cover it all and can send you into the poor-house. Critical illness is a fact of life, critical illness cover is a necessity. Waiting till it’s too late could be the biggest mistake. You can never get it early enough with relation to coverage. Qualified and regulated (FSA) advisors are important and you need to know a plan you get suits your needs, that it will cover the conditions important to you, and that the provider chosen has a good record when it comes to honoring a claim.  You need straight answers and help to make sense of all the options and to understand what is best for a persons and families needs. But there is a solution to help sort through them all and which plan is best suited for you. Get qualified information and quotes from a reputable company such as, a registered trading name of TISCO Financial Planning Limited. TISCO are not a lead generation company that might not have your best interest in mind, they are a firm of independent financial advisers, authorized and regulated in the UK by the Financial Services Authority.

So many choices, where do I go? may be the leader in the industry in the USA, but in the U.K. the credibility behind the website says it all. As an Exclusive Partner formed out of the need of the online community and the CII Global Partnership we are proud to announce the symbiotic unity and encourage any person living in the UK to go and get trusted quotes. Many expats from the US now in areas like Camden and London have already enjoyed the easy and user friendly service. Furthermore, many individuals re-locating from the U.K. to the United States have had the convenience of knowing that we are here to provide a smooth transition in acquiring new coverage with ease. To get this coverage you have quite a few companies to compare. The best idea is to get quotes as you may already know but rather than simply surfing around on the internet and wondering where to turn you can always go to a reputable website such as Critical illness insurance or simply going to their respective main pages located at

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